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SCM Improvement Strategy

Chinese manufacturers that want to bring their products to the European market are often faced with the challenges of setting up and controlling their supply chain.

Eurbridge offers its expertise to give professional, hands-on advice to help find the most optimal gateway into Europe, and to help develop the right procedures. We can help you find the right logistics partners in Europe, best suited to accommodate your needs.

It is also a relatively new field in which many areas are yet to be explored and many practices are still open for improvement. Our SCM improvement strategy is based on three pillars: creativity, innovation and agility. We also rely on these three pillars in the preliminary stages of our projects.

In fact, we often help our clients raise the budgets for more substantial SCM improvement programs by first successfully completing smaller projects that immediately yield direct savings.

Strategic Flow Management

Eurbridge helps you (re-)design or (re-)map the complete network of flows underpinning your direct and indirect business processes. These can be flows of goods, people, information and/or financial flows. We can rely on the experience we gained over the years and on our extensive knowledge base containing relevant benchmark data and information on specific SCM set-ups.

This helps us concentrate on finding more creative and innovative solutions for your particular SCM challenges.

Tactical Flow Management

Once Strategic Flow Management has been fine-tuned, we help you define the most appropriate tactical approach.

As there is a close and direct link between tactics and operations, we take into account all operational implications.

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Eurbridge Ltd, with headquarters in Hong Kong, has its’ main base of operations in Shanghai and Beijing. The registered capital is 5 million RMB. The founders of Eurbridge over the years found that international trade between east and west has its own specific set of challenges.

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